Green Stewardship Council

  Advantages of GSC Certification

  • Marketing Advantage: GSC Third Party Certification is an independent, objective verification that your company is adhering to green cleaning practices. The GSC certification can be an effective marketing tool that let's potential customers know that their health and safety is a top priority.
  • Professional Service GSC provides professional service throughout the certification process.
  • Competency GSC certification provides assurance that cleaning staff are competent in green cleaning practices and procedures.
  • Confidence Third party certification by the Green Stewardship Council gives customers and/or building occupants complete confidence that their/your space has been cleaned to green cleaning standards.
  • Outstanding Quality of Auditors As an accredited inspection agency and product certification agency Green Stewardship Council auditors are highly trained and posses high levels of competency and technical expertise.
  • Enhance Knowledge Base The GSC is made up of professionals with a broad range of knowledge. GSC certification helps improve the quality of work performed by cleaning staff for its certified clients.