Green Stewardship Council

  Day Care Centers, Childcare Facilities and School Certification

Out of the entire population of indoor occupants, children are perhaps the most affected by chemical residue and poor air quality. Pound for pound, children breathe more air, drink more water and eat more food than adults, thus exposing them to more pollutants and pesticides.

Petrochemicals found in cleaning products are easily absorbed into the skin of babies, toddlers, and young children, who are much more susceptible to the dangerous affects of toxic and hazardous ingredients. Their bodies are at a rapid growth rate, therfore synthetic "petro" cleaning chemicals that can harm development do maximum damage at this critical time.

GSC will ensure that the school environment does not put the health of children at risk. Our Day Care and School Certification lets parents know that the facility they trust their children to is a GSC Kid Safe Zone. The GSC certification will show your commitment to a safe healthy environment cleaned and maintained without the use of harmful toxins and hazardous materials.