Green Stewardship Council

  Cleaning Service Certification

Green Cleaning is a health issue that has broader implications for the world at large. As your business evolves to meet the current demands of today's environmentally conscious consumer and business, you will need to require your staff to be trained and certified for public confidence in the professionalism of your company. Why pretend to be a Green Cleaning service when you can easily qualify your company and get national recognition as a GSC certified firm?

As cities strive to become Green Cities, more and more firms have and will continue to ask for Green credentials from their cleaning service and maintenance providers. There is no better set of credentials than the Green Stewardship Council for your commercial and residential cleaning service. Your customers will have confidence that their space is meticulously clean, healthy and environmentally sound. More and more RFPs are including language that will require all respondents to prove they adhere to strict green cleaning processes and procedures. If your firm is not qualified you could lose business. It's that simple. Get certified now with GSC's Green Commercial Cleaner Certification. GSC will help with the development of a stewardship plan that will include the assessment of cleaning processes, product selection, storage, usage, disposal, equipment and training of cleaning personnel.