Green Stewardship Council

  About Green Stewardship Council

The Green Stewardship Council (GSC), a division of Forestwood Industries, Inc.; an ISO Guide 65 accredited certification agency and ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency, emerged to set the standard for indoor air quality by identifying a healthier and greener cleaning process.

Forestwood Industries, Inc. currently certifies manufacturers of composite wood products for the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This certification process includes testing and inspection of facilities in China, Brazil, and Thailand for formaldehyde emissions.

Accreditation through International Accreditation Service, Inc (IAS) provides objective evidence that the Green Stewardship Council operates at the highest level of ethical, legal, and technical standards. IAS accreditation programs are based on recognized national and international standards that ensure domestic and/or global acceptance of its accreditations.

The Green Stewardship Council provides internationally recognized certifications to businesses operating in accordance with Green management best practices and standards. To be a GSC certified business, applicants must complete a certification and site evaluation process that adheres to the highest standards of excellence in maintaining safe environments. Upon completion of initial evaluation, GSC clients can participate in an annual maintenance program to ensure ongoing compliance.

With a wealth of experience and resources, GSC works with key members of your team to assess, understand, and provide direction for long-term improvement of indoor environments. While the standards are high, they are also uniform, practical and achievable. GSC is the affordable resource you need to ensure the success of your green space initiative, setting you apart as proactive and environmentally conscious.