Green Stewardship Council

  Take Your Business to a Greener Level

Green Cleaning is a health issue that has broader implications for the world at large. As your business evolves to meet the current demands of today's environmentally conscious consumer and business, you will need to require your staff to be trained and certified for the public to have confidence in the integrity of your company. Why pretend to be Green Cleaning conscious when you can easily qualify your company and get national recognition as a GSC certified firm?

Green Solutions for the Preservation of your health and the environment

The benefits of GSC certification include reduced exposure to toxic chemicals, improved cleaning and maintenance processes, better air quality, and an overall healthier environment for building occupants. Certification will ensure your customers, students, employees, building occupants, and family have a safe healthy environment cleaned and maintained without the use of harmful toxins and hazardous materials. This will enhance your image and standing in the community.

The GSC's Mission is to promote only the highest standards in creating a safe and healthy indoor environment. Businesses that display the GSC Certificate are proud to say that they adhere to the highest standards of excellence in Green Practices.

GSC can help in developing your green cleaaning program to meet or exceed the highest standards. Join the ever growing green cleaning movement to set your business and facilities above your competition. If your business is not already GSC Certified, call today to schedule an appointment with a GSC consultant. 631.929.3197